Monday, April 22, 2013

MAP - Super Powers will be used!

It's time for the MAP test in grades 3-5.  We held two assemblies today to motivate the students and celebrate their hard work of increasing learning this year.  Our morning assembly was for all grades and featured the Eagle Singers and grade 5 putting on a musical about testing.  They did a fabulous job, singing, dancing, and acting.  The afternoon assembly was for 3rd-5th grades with a skit about testing put-on by the staff.  Once again all the kids displayed that they are ready for the test by answering correctly the MAP preparedness questions.

All students know they should be getting a good nights rest, eating a healthy breakfast, being on time to school, and present the entire test, to be assured they are prepared to do their best.  We know they will do a fabulous job of taking the tests these next two weeks.  We will begin our day each day with a motivating MAP parade to get the body and brain ready for the tests.

Remember we all have super powers and can use them to do our best on the MAP.  

Expecting great things from our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders!
Mrs E.

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