Monday, June 10, 2013

Extended Summer Learning Going Strong!

We are having FUN in the SUN this summer at West Englewood.  This is our theme for our extended summer learning.  We have lots of reading, writing and math fun occurring.  New books have arrived and the students attending XLT are getting first look at these new reads.  I have heard that there are some fabulous stories being read!

Extended summer learning is great for many reasons - socially and academically.  Students in Japan go to school around 240 days a year, most schools in the United States go to school for 175-180 days.  This extended learning time allows students to keep their "head in the game" and continue learning.
We are excited so many of our West Englewood students and their families take advantage of this extended time.

If your child is not attending XLT you can help ensure the summer learning loss is kept to a minimum by having your child read - a minimum of 30 mins a day, write in a summer activity log daily and engage your child in conversation.  Trips to the local library, area attractions, clubs, etc. keep the learning growing also.  Keeping students engaged in learning during the summer is the best thing a family can do.

Wishing you FUN in the SUN this summer with some learning fun for your family!