Friday, November 30, 2012


Excitement was in the air on Thursday night at the PTO sponsored AirZone event.  Slipping, sliding, jumping, shooting baskets, and air hockey challenges were a few of the activities kids were involved in.  
It was a fun night where fellow students and their families could enjoy some down time together.  Many included dinner in their night with pizza from Northern Lights being ordered.  I loved watching the interactions with the students and their families.  It was a great evening!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our Eagle expectations are Be respectful, Be responsible, Do Your Personal Best.
Today I witnessed the following occurring at our school.

+  One of our Kindergartners was showing a new student "the ropes" as he saw it.
This was without being asked but he just stepped in and was doing the responsible thing by welcoming a new friend to our school.

+  A first grader helped another student pick up a backpack that had spilled out on the floor.  Again they did it on their own before the closest adult could help out.  All because it was the right thing to do.

+ A fourth grader was helping a second grader from the bus to breakfast because the younger student hadn't had a positive start to their morning.  Saw the second grader a few hours later and she was all smiles.  Maybe this small kindness helped set her day right.

+  A third grader found three dollars on the floor and brought it to me to turn in.  A few minutes later they were back because they'd heard whose it might be and wanted it checked out.  Turns out it was birthday money for the other student.  Honesty rewarded with a big smile.

Great kids showing what great Eagles they are.  Did they learn these positive attributes at home?  At school?  I'd like to think both played a role as we continue to work in tandem to prepare our students to be college, career and life ready.  A partnership I hope will only strengthen over time.

A reminder......tomorrow night - Thursday 2/29 - at 6pm is a PTO sponsored AirZone night.  Students must wear socks!  Hope to see you there.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Publisher's chair

I just had to share about the fabulous opinion pieces I had the privilege to hear in Ms. Craven's class this afternoon.  Students had written opinion pieces about various topics including year round school, deer hunting, having animals in zoos, phones in schools, seasons, etc.  They were very interesting and had many opinion points stated.  It was a pleasure to hear students take a stand on a topic that was important to them and to share that opinion in a written piece with their class and guests.  Great job Ms. Craven's class!


School attendance is of great importance.  Our new MSIP 5 guidelines count attendance as 90% of our students are at school 90% and above.  Currently we are not making this guideline at West Englewood.  We have contacted families of students that are not in compliance with these guidelines.  Ways you can help your child's school are;

*  Make sure your child is on time - by 9:15am - and remains until the days end - 4:00pm.  When a child is tardy or leaves early it counts against their attendance.
*  Schedule doctor/dental appointments outside the school day or for days off of school.
*  Make sure your child only misses when truly sick.

We appreciate your partnership in getting your child to school on time, every day.  If you've questions about your child's attendance please call the office.

Congrats to 5th grade for the best attendance rate at West Englewood for October.  Kindergarten was number one in September.  Wouldn't it be great to have all grades win for November??

See you at school - every day - on time - to increase learning for all!